Things to plan when you go on holiday with your pet

Things to plan when you go on holiday with your pet

Pets are not only domestic animals but they also take part of family members. This is why many people can't feel happy without their pet during the holiday. If you are planning to take your pet with you during your holiday, there are some things that you have to plan to avoid problems and to make sure everything goes well with it.

The transport, the accommodation, the food, the tour visit are among the main points to consider in this situation. So take a look at the following tips to help you manage a holiday with your pet.

What about the transport

In recent years, most means of transport respond to the needs of animals. No matter how you travel, you can ask for the right restraints to make sure your pet travel under control.

  • Road trip

Driving is the best option to go on vacation with your pet. This is because it makes you feel more free and more comfortable without the disturbance of others. However, you need a safety harness or a barricade to secure your pet during the road trip.

Bring all needed items such as a water bowl, food, treats for your pet. If you put them in the tray of Ute, a cage is a necessity to protect the pet from the damage and the strong sun. If you are planning to take your own car, you can hire one that suits your trip on Opodo's website. It is an online travel agency which works with a number of car rental companies.

  • Air transport

Traveling by plane with a pet needs much precaution. Some airline companies have strict rules about transporting a pet. So you have to check everything before you book a flight for your pet. For example, check if the plane is available for animal transport and be aware if you have to pay excess baggage fees. Many pet carriers and crates are available for hire to keep and secure your pet. For comfortable and cheaper air transport, book your flight by contacting Opodo.

  • Rail transport

Most trains allow passengers to travel with their pets, like dogs, cats and ferrets. But same as the plane, there are some rules that you should follow to make your travel legal and regulatory. Make sure you ask the parcel office of your departure station to get more information.

And what about the accommodation

Nowadays, many hotels are available for pet accommodation if you want to be close to them during your stay. Pets can stay safe and comfortable in friendly rooms with much care and food. In addition, there are also special companies which work on pet accommodation.

If you don't want your pet to bother you while doing activities, you can hire a pet sitter to take care of it. You will then be free to enjoy your holiday without thinking too much about your pet's safety. Visit Opodo's website to find the best hotel for your accommodation. They work with millions of hotels in almost all over the word to help travelers book a hotel in advance online.